Monday, March 30, 2009

Puppy hungry

For several reasons, we don't have a dog right now.  But I do want one. Oh how I want one!  Not necessarily one of this stature.  This guy is beautiful, but also in the category of "small horse".   What I need is something small... but respectable.  A little bigger than "yappy" yet small enough to survive in a 1200 square foot apartment.  Preferably one that doesn't shed, smell, or require me to clean droppings. Oh come on... is that so much to ask?  On second thought, maybe we should just move to a small farm in Idaho (or Heber City) and get something exactly like this big guy.  He really is beautiful, isn't he?

Saturday, March 28, 2009


With this new found hobby of mine, I tend to lug my camera around on most, if not all, of our outings.  Just what I need right?  One more bag.  My two older girls harass me continually with cries of "Take my picture Mommy! Look at me! Take my picture!"  But Lauren?  Not so much.  She tolerates the camera. Barely.  And bribing aside, I rarely get her to smile.  Or even make any semblance of a normal face for a picture.  Contortions are her speciality. Which makes me crazy because seriously, that fiery hair?.. and those gorgeous blue eyes?  They break my heart nearly every day! I shouldn't be surprised really. She was born with this quirky sense of humor that tickles me to no end.   I blame it on her father.  Yeah, definitely on her father.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Children and Friends

We just got home from a play date at the park.  I don't mean to brag.. but I'm going to do it anyway.  I have an absolutely stellar group of friends.  Women I met at church who get together at least once a week.  We let the kiddies play and just enjoy spending time together.  On the whole, they are amazingly beautiful, talented, and so very, very positive.  I love it and I love them.  I know many of them well and others I'm still getting to know (it's a big group).  However there's this one small problem.  Even as an adult I still get blind sided with shyness.  It's a curse.  Really it is.  Aren't we supposed to outgrow such things?!  The good news is that my children have definitely NOT inherited my shy, and occasionally insecure, nature.  I love watching them play.  They are so confident and happy!  I thought I was supposed to teach them about life, love etc.. But I've found exactly the opposite to be true.  Thank you, Lord, for sending me children like these!  And good friends too.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Nature Center

Probably more for my sanity than theirs, we've started taking a field trip every Thursday.  It really does make our week so much better!  This week we visited the Newport Beach Environmental Nature Center.  Lots of cool things to touch and play with and some beautiful walking trails.  We saw lots and lots of lizards, rabbits, shiny rocks and poppies.  Quite by accident, we happened upon a group of retired folks taking a painting class.  The girls had their sketch books and in no time at all had joined right in.  It was a morning well spent.  

Friday, March 20, 2009

Santa Ana Zoo

Among other things, they had this old jeep the kids got to play in.  Tyler took the wheel and really, really liked it.  As in, he wouldn't give it up.  For anything.

I could say something like "he drives just like his Dad".  But that would be insensitive.  And I would never, ever want to be insensitive.  Or tease his Dad in anyway.  So of course I wouldn't say something like that.  

Sunday, March 15, 2009

bokeh anyone?

Here's a question for all my lovely friends that are more skilled in photography than I am.

And  I know you're out there.  

I've seen your photos.

So here goes.  How do I get that fabulous bokeh that I see in  so many of your pics?  I can't seem to make my camera do it.  Granted my camera is currently much smarter than I am. Stop laughing.  I'm trying to change that.  It's a Nikon D60 and I. Love. My. Awesome. Camera.  It makes me happy.   Do I have to be on full manual?  Do I have the wrong lens? I've tried it on both my 18-55 mm and my 55-200 mm lens.  I can't get my aperture to go below 3 or so.  This relationship is so complicated!!  Feel free to advise.  I'm not proud and we (my camera and I) need help.  I know.  I know.  I should take a photography class.  And I will.  Just as soon as I stop having children.

I thought this photo was so pretty.  Who knew water balloons could hold the light like that?

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Field Trip

The kids and I decided to take a break from school and went on a "field trip" my friend Jenny organized (thanks Jenny, you da BOMB!) .  We rode the train to San Juan Capistrano and let the kids run rampant in a little petting zoo terrorizing the animals and such.  A fun time all around..except for the cute little guinea pigs and rabbits.  I always pity the poor little critters trapped in there.  I probably shouldn't.  They are amazingly well fed.
Because I'm cheap and I have four kids, this was the only pony ride Lauren got today.  
Tyler especially enjoyed the geese.  Ornery critters.  The geese I mean... not Tyler.  He's really sweet actually.  Notice the color scheme going on in this picture?  Lovin' it!
And this?  Well.. this is exactly what it looks like.  A llama chewing a fence.  I watched it for awhile, just chewing on the fence.  Not the sharpest tool in the shed, but it had this weird cud-like thing that was interesting to watch.  I never have been a fan of llamas.  They're kinda smelly and pointless; and chew on fences.  Now that's just weird.