Friday, June 27, 2008

Brent 1.0

We've moved, again!  That's right everyone, we have moved and to commemorate our move, I've decided to do my first post.  First, I want to thank everyone who has ever helped us move, because quite frankly, we have moved a lot and so if you know us you have probably helped us move, or watched our kids while we packed at some point.  So thanks.  I imagine Niki will send out our new address, or you can e-mail her and she will forward it to you.

Dougal Family Moves since 2000
April 2000 Move to Boise, ID and get married (living in Grandma's basement)
July 2000  Move to Heber City, UT (living in Niki's sister's basement), almost rent a place in Provo (only there for two weeks but it was a real move because everything we owned was in the back in Niki's truck.)
August 2000 Move to Roseville, CA "decide" to take some time off from school
August 2001 Move to Provo, UT, Wymount Quad 7
April 2002 Move to Wymount Quad 1 (up to 3 bedrooms but still something like 600 sq ft)
October 2003 Move to Springville, UT (renting a basement but we also got a yard)
August 2004 Move to Williamsburg, VA
(Summer 2005 Brent spends summer in Alexandria, VA)
February 2006 Move to James City County, VA (Yeah, a house)
(Summer 2006 Brent spends summer in Alexandria, VA again)
August 2007 Move to Irvine, CA (Yeah an apartment)
June 2008 Move to new apartment in Irvine, just because

10 moves, plus two little bumps in the summer, 4 states,  different metro areas, and all in only 8 years, not bad if I do say so myself!  Where are we going next year?  Who knows!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


I've often heard people talk about their in-laws with frustration, sometimes even dislike.  Brent proposed to me, and I said yes, before ever meeting his family.  So I feel very blessed to be able to say that yes, I absolutely adore them. They came to celebrate Tyler's first birthday with us.  We took them to the beach, lego land, and just tried to soak in some time together.


Ever try packing up a house with four little ones under foot?  You know the routine.  I put four things into a box; they take three things out.  I'm seriously out numbered here!!  Three more days, three more days, just three more days.... three...more......days.........