Monday, March 29, 2010

Egg Hunts and such..

Some wonderful friends put together an Easter egg hunt the other day. As soon as Ty realized the eggs had candy in them... he was ripping up that field like a maniac!
He collected three times as many eggs as his sisters and was not happy when I tried to explain the ten egg maximum rule. It's the Egg hunt rules that try to keep it fair. Poor kid! He's not really into fair.
This is Lauren's best friend in all the world. When the two of them get together, the rest of the world falls away and all is right!
My two little reds with all their booty!
And the candy fest begins! There are times when I think my kids eat their body weight in candy daily. People give it to them wherever we go. We need t-shirts that read Please don't feed the kids! And so.. as the "no fun candy nazi mommy", I give them one day until it all mysteriously disappears.
Ok, I'm done now. Thanks for listening. Cranky candy attitude aside, it was a beautiful day and we had a lovely time. I just love spring and sunshine and good friends! And candy. It's a love/hate thing with the candy. Truth is, I throw away all the kids gross candy, but I keep the good stuff for my own personal stash. I know, I know.. I need therapy. Or weight watchers. I should stop now. It's late and my filter gets thin. Good night dear friends!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Monday morning thoughts.. and other random nonsense

1. I am currently the size of a small house and that's all I have to say about that.

2. My husband told me I should write a post containing jokes for and about pregnant woman. Only problem is my wonderful father-in-law checks my site occasionally and most of my funny comments are also inappropriate for the general public. Especially the male variety of the public.

3. By the way, Brent thinks my comments are funny. I do not. He laughs because he's not sure what else to do. And unless I'm crying, it's the safest response.

4. These pictures have nothing to do with anything I'm saying. I just like them.
5. I want to say something about public school vs. home/charter school but can't open that can of worms right now. We enrolled the girls in public this year so I'd be free to experience morning sickness without distraction. It was the right choice, but.. but ... oh the turmoil of it all!
6. I've never actually paid for a pedicure. I mean, we're talking about feet here. Is there really anything you can do to make feet more attractive? It's like putting lipstick on a troll. But maybe the experience is the attraction and not the polish? I think I may try it.

7. My wise sister told me when you're the size of a house and feeling like a troll, the only thing you can do is get a good hair cut and a pedicure. You work with what you've got sister! Did I mention she is very wise? Man I love her!

8. That's it for now. If you're still reading.. I'm sorry.. Please stop now and go do something productive.