Thursday, January 21, 2010


It's lifting. The fog is finally lifting! And it feels so wonderful to be Me again! Please excuse the drama, but after four months of morning sickness (I'll spare you the details) and another month of migraines, it just feels so good to feel good! I'm now somewhere close to seven months along and unisom consumption has gone way down. My children and my hair and my.. ahem.. girth have grown considerably and for much of the day I feel like myself again.
Somewhere in those seven months my baby fully mutated into little boy. When exactly and how, I don't really know. I never gave him permission, but he went and did it anyway. He's all opinionated now and has the strongest passion for cars I've ever seen in a two year old.
I love it actually. No teddy bears for him. It's his hot wheels he sleeps with. At least he comes by it honestly. Tyler comes from a long line of mechanics, machinists, and car lovers in general. I'm pretty sure it's something in his blood.
Come here you handsome little kid! I need to kiss you now!! I'd tackle him and wrestle but my pregnant belly might accidentally crush the little thing. Besides that whole wrestling thing is his Dad's department. Oh by the way, we're having another little boy. There is balance in the universe after all. Happy Thursday everyone!