Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas card

Dear friends and family,

We hope our card finds you well and joyful this holiday season!  It’s been a busy and wonderful year for our family.  Here are a few highlights.

Owen (2) –potty training, Ty’s official understudy, epic laughs, crib escapee
Tyler (5)– preschool, Lego-master, bike riding maniac
Lauren (7) – glasses, gymnastics, Junie B. Jones, in love with dance
Abbey (9) –piano, gymnastics, Harry Potter, rocking school
Sarah (11) –art, chemistry, Fablehaven, babysitter in training
Niki (ancient)–Irvine Women’s Interfaith Conference, Young Womens, loving life
Brent (dinosaur)– rodeo in San Antonio, partner, Husband/Father extraordinaire

Lots of love,
Brent, Niki, Sarah, Abbey, Lauren, Tyler, and Owen